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Possible Market Price

The market price of tangible goods is considered to be the price at which goods can be sold between unrelated parties in an active market. When we list a new product, we study the same or similar products which are of comparable quality and specification on the market and work out the most likely price of it, which is the 'Possible Market Price' in our webiste.

The reason why we work out such a 'Possible Market Price' is that, in ifurniture, we try to make it simple: we don't play price tricks; instead, we make the normal listing price as low as possible, so customers like you can feel safe to buy from us at any time without waiting for the 'sales'. If you keep tracking our price variations you will see this.

For example, we have a product 'NEO OFFICE DESK' ($99) which is listed by another major furniture store as $178. If there are no other sellers we then use $178 as the 'Possible Market Price'. It doesn't mean we used to sell it at $178, but rather to give you an idea how much it may cost in other furniture stores. Please note that from time to time there may be 'sales' in other furniture stores when their listing price will be lowered down for a while, and it is very hard for us to update the 'Possible Market Price' promptly. That's to say, the 'Possible Market Price' is not always a precise figure but it is surely an indication on how much it may cost in other furniture stores.


You are more than welcome to share with us any Market Price, or kindly let us know any mistakes we may have